Governor Stitt Reverses Decision On 'Crossbow Killer's' Parole

Thursday, April 28th 2022, 6:22 pm
By: David Prock, Lori Fullbright

Governor Stitt has reversed his decision to grant parole to Jimmie Stohler, the man accused of killing 30-year-old Michele Powers with a crossbow in 1982.

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In a letter to the Pardon and Parole board, the Officer of Governor Stitt stated:

"The Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office provided the Office of Governor J. Kevin Stitt with material information regarding Jimmie D. Stohler that was not previously available to this office. Based on the new information, Jimmie D. Stohler’s application for parole is being denied. The certificate filed on April 22, 2022, set to become effective on April 29, 2022, is superseded by this denial and has no legal effect."