Man Arrested After Crashing Car Into Apartment Building While Fleeing Police

Friday, May 6th 2022, 9:28 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A man is in custody after officers said he led them on a chase in a stolen car, crashed into an apartment building, then tried to hide in a dumpster.

Tulsa Police said a man led them on a chase in a stolen car that ended with the driver slamming into an apartment building near 61st and Memorial, then getting out and running before he was found in a nearby dumpster.

"All of the sudden I hear all of this noise, coming around the corner, and I turned and looked and there was this maroon SUV going out of control," said Latina Grimes.

Latina Grimes said she was sitting in her car finishing up some work. All of the sudden, she looked up and saw the car in the air, headed straight toward her.

She said she immediately got out of her car and started running because she didn't know what was happening. She said she was relieved when the man was taken into custody.

"When I saw that car in the air, all I thought was, this is it.. I'm about to be a brand new grandma, all my kids went through my head... I just thought oh my goodness, what's going on," she said.

Cynthia Keener lives at the complex and said she heard a loud bang and ran outside to see what happened. She said she's just thankful no one was hurt.

"I'm glad they caught him, ya know it's just.. things happen, there's crime everywhere.. just a shame it happened to someone's apartment because now we don't know what's she's going to do," she said.

Grimes said her car is a little beat up, and while she's relieved everyone's okay, she said she's pretty shaken up by everything that happened.

"I think I'm going to have a nightmare tonight because all I see is that car like coming on top of my car," she said.

Tulsa Police have not released the name of the suspect.