Owner Of Kentucky Derby Champion Rich Strike Speaks Out After Emotional Win

Tuesday, May 10th 2022, 4:55 pm

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

An overlooked last-minute entry, facing long-shot odds of 80-to-one. In 24 hours, racehorse Rich Strike went from humble beginnings at his Edmond stable, to a historic win at the Kentucky Derby. 

It's something straight from a fairy tale. What began as optimism, turned to triumph. 

But like any good story, we need to start from the beginning. 

Owner, Rick Dawson is an oil and gas man born and raised here in the Sooner State. After spending a few years around horses, he thought he found his next stud. 

"They basically draw your name out and we won him," Dawson said. 

Dawson bought the horse for $30,000, chump change for what was about to come. 

They entered the Kentucky Derby and Dawson sat there eagerly with his family as he watched Rich Strike off to the races. 

"I said this is the perfect race for us," said Dawson. 

As the race unfolded, Dawson recalls seeing a slight opening and that's when Rich would Strike. 

"I knew we had a shot, but we're still 8th. or 9th and I thought he has some horse because this horse is moving," Dawson said. 

With room on the outside, Strike sped up. 

"It's jubilation," said Dawson. "It's no longer Rick Dawson's horse, its America's horse." 

Dawson says Rich Strike earned $1.8 million dollars from the race on Saturday and plans to continue racing this year.