City Of Tulsa Selects Developer For Evans-Fintube Site

Tuesday, May 10th 2022, 9:45 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The City of Tulsa has announced that a group of developers called Team Alchemy has been selected to develop the historic Evans-Fintube site near downtown Tulsa.

This selection means for the first time we have a clear winner when it comes to the future of the site.

The plan doesn't include stadiums or demolition - but instead will build on the foundation and history that's already there.

After a year of proposals and community meetings, a steering committee narrowed the selection down to two finalist developers - with Team Alchemy coming out on top.

Franchell Abdalla's Be Good Development firm played a leading role in developing their proposal. “I think it’s been a long time coming, and so we’re excited to work," she said. “[The plan] honors the legacy and builds a future economy that folks can benefit from long into the future.”

Casey Stowe with the Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity said the massive 120,000 square foot building will be re-worked to house small office space - makerspace - a food hall with space for retail, and a restaurant and brewery facing the USA BMX facility.

“There’s you know, definitely a patina on the ironworks building, to put it nicely. But I’m excited that they’re going to be able to save that building. The ironworks building is such a huge part of Tulsa history," he said.

Stowe said public feedback from a series of community meetings helped push Team Alchemy's proposal ahead of the competition.

Abdalla said she's confident the project will exceed public expectations. "I think it attracts folks and creates a destination space that ultimately benefits the citizens of Greenwood and honors the rich legacy and history of Greenwood," she said.

We're still a long way out from seeing construction on the first phase of the project. The next step is negotiations between the city and developers, and that's expected to last into next year.