Gathering Place To Begin Conducting Guided Tours Of Park

Thursday, May 26th 2022, 4:37 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Gathering Place is now offering expert tours through the park to teach people about plants and wildflowers that are native to Oklahoma.

Thursday, a big group showed up for the park's first tour. 

“We went on a little tour of the gathering place and got a little explanation of their prairie and their wildflowers and the different ways that they’ve kept it growing and healthy," said Kaitlyn Stanley.

The people who led the tour are part of the park's horticulture staff. They took the group through the prairie grasses and into the wetland garden. 

“It’s really led by the experts. If guests have any questions then you’re going to get really educated expert answers given by the people who steward this beautiful park and all 66 acres," said Sarah Van Zandt. "We have 16 acres of wildflower mixed in with our prairie grasses and it’s all about that natural and biodiversity in gathering place.”

If you missed Thursday's tour, the next one will be in September and will be about the monarch butterfly migration. 

“We really consider gathering place like this huge outdoor classroom. There is so much to know and people are very, very interested. So we’re excited to offer this to the public," said Van Zandt.

The Stanley family said they learned a lot that they'll use in their own yard at home.