Jennifer Andres says she and her husband arrived at their restaurant late Thursday night to find their glass door in pieces and their sense of security shattered.

Jennifer Andres: It just to me it seems that they're are too many of these going on..."

Andres family restaurant, South of the Border, has served up fajiatas in this strip mall near 51st and Memorial for more than two years. And they've never had any problems, until now.

Andres thinks thieves waited until they'd closed up for the night. Before, they busted out the glass door, crawled inside, and headed straight for the cash register, cutting the cord to yank it out.

Jennifer Andres: “fax machines phones televison there was a lot of things sitting around but nothing was touched they were just after one thing and one thing only."

The South of the Border wasn't the only business hit, just two doors down another business a doughnut shop was also broken into.

The shop had two windows broken out, causing 700 dollars worth of damage, their cash register was also gone.

A third nearby restaurant was also hit. Andres says she wants her customers to know their already working to beef up security. And this is still a nice area to drop in for a bite to eat.

Jennifer Andres: "I just want them to know that it's still safe. We've never had problems during the day, want them to feel comfortbale coming here and not feel like this has stopped us."