DELAWARE COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Green Country mother says she watched her teenage son get shot in what investigators call a murder-suicide.

Detectives say the shooter was an 18-year-old girl who died instantly, and her victim passed away this morning.

Ethan Jack's mother, Sherry Hodges, says Jack and Jazmine Flynn broke up a week ago and the grieving parent says Flynn killed her son in a jealous rage.

"I heard three gunshots," Hodges said.

She said her 16-year-old son was walking down a road after getting off the Afton school bus when his ex-girlfriend ambushed him.

Hodges ran outside and saw Ethan already lying on the ground.

"I ran into the house, called 911 and when I looked back out, I saw her point the gun at his head and shoot, then she shot herself."

Flynn died at the scene, but Ethan was still alive when Hodges got to him.

"I told him to hold still. 'Mama's here. I love you, just stay still.'"

The 10th-grader was flown to Tulsa for emergency surgery, but died.

Sitting next to her son's dog, Hodges says Ethan loved music, wrote rap songs and loved carpentry.

"He was fun, loving, he had a lot of friends and he always had a smile on his face."

But Ethan was having a hard time after a recent break-up with Jazmine, who is the mother of his infant son.

The two had dated on and off for two years and Hodges says Jazmine was very controlling.

Phil Lowe, a Tulsa Youth Services Counselor said, "It's highly unusual to see a murder suicide with teens."

He said jealousy often fuels violence in relationships, especially with teens.

"At a young age, you don't have the same coping skills. You go from being OK to at-risk in a short period of time."

Hodges is struggling and donated Ethan's organs to help others.

"I don't wish this on any parent. Guns are bad. I don't know how children get a hold of them," she said.