TULSA, Oklahoma - Correction: An early report from the scene was that a child was injured in the crash; however, we have since learned it was the adult male driver of the truck that was transported to the hospital.

A midtown family said they consider themselves lucky after a truck drove into their living room Monday morning.

No one was home at the time, but the driver had to be taken to the hospital.

The inside of the home at 22nd and Lewis looked more like a construction site than a home Monday.

"You're running at that speed on Lewis, at probably 40 miles an hour, no breaks all the way into the house," said Captain Bryan Runyan, with Tulsa Fire.

The truck practically parked inside the home.

The homeowners, Laura and her husband, preferred to talk off camera, but were willing to show us around.

The living room furniture was left in a mangled mess of boards, sheet rock and glass, but that's not what concerned Laura when she got the call from her husband.

"I was really thankful that my daughter was not here," she said.

The Tulsa Fire Department said it was a medical condition that caused the driver to lose control. They were forced to bust the truck windows out in order to reach him.

He was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be fine.

"I'm really thankful that the individual didn't hit our tree out front, he would have seriously been injured," Laura said.

She said, even though they live on a busy street, she never expected this to happen.

"It has gone through my mind before, but not seriously," Laura said.

But the fire department said this is actually more common than you might think.

"I've been assigned to this area for about three weeks, and this is the third one we've made," Runyan said.

Laura said they'll move forward with whatever has to been done and try to remain positive.

It's an opportunity to do something different, repaint," Laura said.

Along with additional bracing on the corner of the home, the fire department also put up blue tarp in preparation for the coming rain. Just a few hours after the crash, crews were already hard at work repairing the home.