ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Rogers County man charged with animal cruelty after investigators said he dragged a horse behind an all-terrain vehicle on his property pleaded no contest Wednesday.

Oran John Spencer was originally charged with a felony count of animal cruelty, but with the plea, it was dropped to a misdemeanor.

The court sentenced Spencer to a one-year suspended sentence and fines.

Deputies said a neighbor called after witnessing Spencer drag the horse behind his ATV on pasture land near his home.

She said the horse broke away but Spencer chased after it, tied it up again and continued dragging the horse after a number of falls.

She also said it wasn't the first time she witnessed him abusing animals on his property.

Spencer admitted not being good at training horses and told investigators he was pulling the horse to train her to lead and didn't realize she fell.

While on the property, investigators said they found a second horse with similar wounds that had scarred over.