TULSA, Oklahoma - A man who shot himself in the head last week after reportedly killing his wife has died, according to Tulsa Police. Derrick Todd died Saturday morning of what police say was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Todd was the subject of a manhunt after he texted friends he had murdered his wife. He was found in a car in the Walmart parking lot at Admiral and Memorial Wednesday then taken to the hospital.

Homicide Sergeant David Walker said they don't expect to file charges against anyone else in Tonia Jackson Todd's death. Walker said last week that Derrick Todd shot himself with a .40 caliber handgun - the same caliber that was used to kill Tonia.

Tonia's family members said the couple was having problems after 18 years of marriage. Derrick Todd had been taken in for evaluation after threatening suicide then was released.

Tonia Jackson Todd was an Army veteran and a registered nurse who was about to get her Master's degree, according to family. They say Derrick ambushed his wife when she went home to check on her dogs. 

Derrick Todd was a Tulsa Public Schools security guard, and police say he texted two members of law enforcement after shooting his wife in the head.