OKMULGEE, Oklahoma - The Okmulgee Police Department is still hoping to identify suspects involved in a woman’s death.

Chief Joe Prentice said officers have been working since December 26, 2016, to identify suspects in the death of Kimberly Lyons-Anderson’s murder.

Police say someone shot Anderson outside the American Legion Hut at the intersection of Smith and Wilson Streets.

Investigators discovered numerous .40 caliber shell casings close to the scene and presumed the murder weapon was most likely a .40 caliber, Prentice said.

He said the medical examiner recovered the projectile and an unofficial examination indicated it was not a .40 caliber. The chief said investigators now believe there were at least two people firing shots.

Prentice said officers have conducted about 50 interviews but have not found someone who witnessed the shooting. He believes someone they’ve interviewed did witness the shooting but is “either afraid or unwilling to come forward and tell investigators what they know.”

He said they do not believe Anderson was the intended target but was in the line of fire.

They ask anyone with information to call Okmulgee Police at 918-756-3511.