TULSA, Oklahoma - A 22-year-old woman testified in court Wednesday she was repeatedly sexually assaulted for two months while being held captive.

Victor Hursh is charged with nine counts, including first-degree rape and kidnapping.

In court Wednesday, his accuser held up her arms to show scars where she said Hursh burned her with lit cigarettes and threatened her life if she tried to leave.

Police arrested Hursh in August 2017 after police said a woman escaped from his van at a Tulsa QuikTrip.

That woman testified against Hursh Wednesday and said Hursh held her captive for about two months after he picked her up at a grocery store in June.

The woman said he took her to his home, lead her into the bedroom and told her, "She wouldn't be leaving anytime soon."

She testified Hursh raped her daily, burned her arms with lit cigarettes and told her he would kill her family if she ever tried to leave or testify against him.

The woman said the day Hursh took her to the QuikTrip, she jumped out while Hursh was inside and ended up hiding in the women's bathroom until a security guard called for an ambulance.

There was an interesting moment in court Wednesday when the defense attorney asked the woman if she'd ever been to Hursh's house before last summer. The woman became nervous and asked for a different question but eventually admitted that although she'd never been to his house, she had met him before.

She testified he'd given her a ride once but that there were "red flags" and she was able to "get away" before anything too bad happened.

Hursh's preliminary was continued again because prosecutors are trying to add more charges. He'll be back in court again next week.