TULSA, Oklahoma - There was an outpouring of support Thursday for the wrecker driver hit and killed alongside the highway in Rogers County last week.

Dozens of wrecker operators from three states formed a huge convoy to Jonathan Taylor's funeral Thursday.

There were more than 80 wrecker drivers present, not only to give support to JT and his family but to also make sure people understand, it's the law when you see them on the side of the road, you have to move over."

Driver after driver convoyed to JT's funeral service in Bixby to show their love and support of yet another wrecker driver taken too soon.

These operators are from all over the state, the Tulsa area of course, but also, Lawton, El Reno, Oklahoma City and as far away as Kansas and Missouri.

They want to say their proper good-byes to Jonathan Taylor but they also want people to know his death was senseless and preventable.

"If I could get out one message to the public, please stop killing us. Slow down, move over and give us room to work," said Bryan Hull, another tow truck driver. 

Bryan said 60 wrecker drivers are killed a year and JT was the third already this year and there was just a 4th in Pennsylvania. 

They say it wouldn't happen if people would just obey the move-over law in Oklahoma that says when you see vehicles on the side of the road with emergency lights on, you have to move over a lane and if you can't do that, you must slow down significantly.

"These are our brothers and sisters out here and we couldn't do our jobs without them." "They are first responders and should be treated accordingly," said Lt. Tom Montgomery with OHP. 

They handed out yellow and black ribbons to all the operators. 

The black represents the pavement they work on, the yellow, for the line along the highway and some of them have a little chain on them because there is a saying to the one who's past, rest well, dear friend, we will drag your chains from here.