OKMULGEE, Oklahoma - A race track in Okmulgee is hosting a fundraiser for the Tolliver family. That's the family recovering from the shooting death of two children and the arrest of their mother.

The fundraiser was held at Jandebeurs motorsports, a popular hangout for students and adults in town. Several races are being held and all money from the entry fees goes to help the Tolliver family.  Many of the participants say the knew the Tollivers and are happy to help.

"We got a call to ask if we'd host an event and it didn't take any time to say we absolutely would," said Bob Jandebeur.

At the Boss'n Hogs barbeque trailer, the goal was to sell 500 sandwiches and raise $3,500.

"It's a small town thing and everybody pretty much knows everybody and somebody gets down on their luck like that and something tragic happens, everybody tries to help out some," said Jason Boss.

Inside a silent auction was underway, with donated items so the money could go to the family. The fundraiser was a natural fit in a community where it seems almost everyone had a connection to the Tolivers.

"I know some girls who go to the school I'm close with - and they were in the same grade,  they're in the band," said Veronica Biddle of Okmulgee.

Bob Jandebeur didn't know how much they would raise but said no amount would be enough to fully heal the wounds. He says he's hopeful though that anything raised Saturday night would be a start, and a way for the community to help out.

"We'd like to say we're doing this in their honor and doing this to help the healing process move along," said Jandebeur.

Everything sold Saturday night was donated, with every dollar from the gate given over to help the surviving daughter.