McLain High School has a player on both sides of the Orange Bowl with Isaiah Harris a freshman walk-on at OU and Josh Jacobs is a star at Alabama.  Jacobs and his father Marty say they are enjoying this wild ride.

There’re a few houses in North Tulsa that will be divided on December 29th.

"Bittersweet, because a lot of us are Sooners fans. But you know Josh playing for Alabama.  A couple my brothers are going to wear a split shirt," said Marty.

But family trumps all and in the Jacobs family Josh is #1.  You may be familiar with the back story, Josh had little to no recruiting offers out of McLain despite being the leading rusher in the state his senior year. 

After making a highlight video big-name offers came up from Missouri, Oklahoma, and then Alabama. Josh chose the Tide and now it's a date against his home state.

"It's a game you always dream of. If not going there, playing against your hometown," said Josh.

“The media thing affected him, OU people saying man, instead of saying ‘I hope he does well’ a lot of that is coming back up where he's like, man, I remember a lot of the people saying this now here I come," said Marty.

His junior year has been the most impressive with 13 touchdowns and a knack of running over defenders. In the SEC Championship, a 2 TD performance led to him being named MVP.

"It was humbling. The template we used, saying hey let's stay focused, this is what we need to do and God's going to open doors it happened for him,"

But Jacobs dad says had second thoughts after a sophomore year limited by injuries.

"I remember a many a time, staying on the phone with him in the evening, saying man, hey you can't come home," Marty said with a laugh. "One day, he called me and he just sounded different or like he grew up and he said this going to be my year, watch."

Jacobs learned his tough running style growing up, as a kid he and his family slept in different apartments hotels even Marty's truck. Football was his release.

"There's a lot of choices I could have made that could have been bad and I guess when I look at it now I'm grateful that even in the stuff that I thought were bad choices turned out okay,” said Marty.

Now Jacobs runs for his son Braxton, a better future, and potentially another national championship.