TULSA, Oklahoma - Have you heard of the Cabinet of Wonders in the Gathering Place Boathouse? Well, we did, and we wanted to know more about it.

"The Cabinet of Wonder" is an art installation by artist Mark Dion.

Kirsten Hein is the Vice President of Programming. She says the artist has assembled a wonderful collection of random things. They're on shelves, on the walls and in drawers.

It's all about curiosity and wonder.

The stuff is designed to be touched and examined. Park Executive Director Tony Moore said curiosity, wonder and imagination fit beautifully with the concept of the Gathering Place.

"What I like is you see different things at different times," Moore said.

He said they plan to publish some of the stories about a few of the pieces - like a gator Roy Rogers won in a card game.

That's the story, but aren't you curious? Doesn't it make you - wonder?