A Chouteau teenager is headed to court Thursday after Mayes County deputies said she and her boyfriend are accused of killing another 17-year-old last week.

Court documents show Cheyenne Blalock is expected in court at 1:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon, and this is her first court appearance related to this murder.

Both Blalock and her boyfriend, Andrew Hall, are in jail for the death of 17-year-old Kirstan Patterson. 

The Mayes County Sheriff said Patterson knew both suspects and went to school with Blalock in Chouteau.

Mayes County deputies said Patterson's body was found on New Year's Day, just south of Locust Grove at a boat ramp on the Neosho River.

Court documents for 17-year-old Blalock said she told investigators that Hall had talked about killing Patterson because of claims of a sexually transmitted disease and wanted "payback," but Hall told investigators Blalock is the one who pulled the trigger. 

Court documents show that both suspects said a hunting rifle was used to kill Patterson.