Legislation has been filed giving Oklahomans an option to buy a specialty license plate with the wording 'Make America Great Again' and 'Keep America Great.’  Both slogans in support of President Donald Trump.

The legislation was filed by Nathan Dahm, State Senator from Broken Arrow.

“What would actually happen is once the bill passes, people would have the opportunity to pay additional for a specialty license plate,” said Dahm.

Each purchase would donate $10 dollars to two veterans’ groups. Folds of Honor in Owasso and Warriors For Freedom in Oklahoma City.  Both are organizations Trump has supported in the past.

But some disagree with the bill.

“MAGA is regardless of how you feel about the president, it’s a political slogan,” said Ryan Kiesal, Executive Director for ACLU of Oklahoma. “For the state to adopt an incorporated, a political slogan, would violate the state law and possibly the state’s constitution.”  

“If people want to put their money behind that then it’s going to a good cause, to a veterans’ organization” said Dahm. “I don’t know why people would oppose that.”

There are currently 98 specialty license plates available in Oklahoma. The fee for the license plate would cost $35 dollars per year, in addition to other registration fees.