MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Mayes County Sheriff's Office is ramping up patrols near a rural church outside of Pryor after someone broke in twice in less than a week.

Members of the Coo-Y-Yah Baptist Church say nothing was stolen but whoever broke in left a filthy mess behind. 

"They came in and got sodas, made coffee. They squirted mustard and ketchup on the ceilings," said Church member Rosa Whisman. "There was mustard and ketchup all the way, from one end of the room to the other." 

They say the first break-in happened either Sunday or Monday night and the most recent one, Wednesday night. The Mayes County Sheriff's Office suspects it may have been teenagers who broke in and made the mess even busting through the pantry to get to the food.

"It's very upsetting that someone would do this to a church," said Whisman.

While deputies say they'll be spending more time patrolling the area Rosa says the church would like to invest in security cameras soon. If you have any information call the Mayes County Sheriff's Office.