OKC Attorney, Ada Bondsman Implicated In Sex Tourism Scheme

Wednesday, October 9th 2013, 7:05 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City attorney and Ada bondsman are implicated in a child sex tourism scheme. Federal agents are accusing the men of traveling out of the country to have sex with children.

Michael Billings and Robert Pierce admitted they've been to Peru at least 30 times in the last 10 years, but only for vacation. A federal search warrant suggest otherwise.

The Peruvian Media captured agents busting in on Michael Billings and Robert Pierce at the El Dorado Plaza Hotel in Iquitos, Peru. The city is a known child sex tourism destination.

Billings and Pierce are accused of having sex with children during their many trips to Iquitos. On Sept. 22, 2013, both were detained by Peruvian authorities after agents allegedly found two girls, ages 13 and 17, inside Pierce's room.

According to a federal search warrant, agents also found two Victoria Secret bags containing extra small panties and gifts, along with sexual items including condoms, lubricant, Viagra, bags of candy and money.

"With sex tourism this is all thought out," Lori Basey speaks for No Boundaries International, a group working to stop the sexual exploitation of young women. "This behavior becomes a habit and the children are literally victimized."

Basey is disturbed, but not surprised by the allegations against the two men.

"Guilty or not guilty in this particular case, I know there are so many victims on an international scale, and a local scale and this has got to be something that people are made aware of and need to stop," said Basey.

More than 500,000 children have reportedly been victimized in Peru. Investigators cite statistics from La Restinga, a Latin America human rights groups estimating more than 1,000 minors in Iquitos are involved in sex trafficking.

Michael Billings said in an interview off camera, the city is also nice to visit for fishing and relaxation. Billings defended himself and Pierce saying they are innocent. Billings also released the following statement:

"Robert Pierce and I were in Peru for vacation.  We did not commit any illegal or immoral acts while there. The Peruvian authorities thoroughly investigated our conduct and determined that we did not commit any of these acts."

Billings also explained he voluntarily allowed a search of his electronics while Pierce denied immediate access to his home and office. Agents seized three cell phones, cameras, and computers found in his possession.

Records show agents found pictures of a young Peruvian girl in underwear on Billings' electronic devices. The search warrant also indicates there's more to the investigation including others who traveled to Peru with the two.

Billings and Pierce have not been charged in federal court.