Wagoner County Focus On Drug Traffickers Paying Off, Sheriff Says

Friday, December 27th 2019, 11:31 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

Over the past couple of weeks, investigators in Wagoner County have made several significant drug arrests.

The most recent discovery was 10 pounds of meth following a joint investigation including the Tulsa and Wagoner County Sheriff's Offices. Six people were arrested just this month by Wagoner County investigators, each accused of attempting to distribute drugs like crystal meth, heroine, cocaine and more.

"Our effort is to intercept this before it gets into the county; we're looking for the drug traffickers,” said Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott.

Sheriff Elliott said laws passed in 2016 made many drug offenses carry less prison time, which has forced deputies to redirect efforts to cutting off drugs from the dealers— something he said has so far been a success.

"In the past two to three weeks, we've taken down four major dealers,” Sheriff  Elliott said.

In one case, Elliott said a high speed chase exceeding 100 miles per hour.

They said when Aguirre Rodriguez crashed out, deputies discovered 106 grams of meth, cash and a gun.

Other arrests, like the one on Christmas Day, led to the discovery of 20 grams of crystal meth. Another led to the discovery of cocaine and pills, and one led to 31 grams of heroin inside these balloons.

And following an arrest last week, agencies found 10 pounds of meth they were able to intercept in Tulsa County.

"If you're continuing this activity, we're going to find you, arrest you and prosecute you,” Elliott said.

Elliott says this summer, the OSBI crime report showed a 30 percent drop in violent crimes and an increase in drug arrests in Wagoner County.