Letters To Santa Reveal Wonder Of Oklahoma Children

Monday, December 16th 2019, 3:56 pm
By: Erick Payne

Christmas is in a little more than a week, and Santa is busy getting ready. For more than a century, Santa and his team at the North Pole have gotten help from the U.S. Postal Service.

There are tens of thousands of post offices in America, like the one in Tulsa. Every December, the workers here help Santa spread Christmas cheer.

It's all part of "Operation Santa."

The U.S Postal Service says they get millions of letters addressed to the North Pole every year.

"I get letters from parents, from grandparents and children," Head of Operation Santa Sonya Dulan said.

Many of those letters are from families who can't afford Christmas gifts. Since 1912, workers with the postal service have been making sure those families get attention from Santa as well.

"It's really heart-touching to read those letters," Dulan said.

Sonya Dulan has been in charge of part of Oklahoma's operation since 1992. She says the letters from parents are asking for the basics, like clothing. The kids ask for presents that any other kid would.

The letters reveal the wonder of children.

"Dear Santa, I can't believe you make it down at least 100 houses on Christmas Eve."

Daphne says: "it's been a pretty tough year for my family," and asks for a microscope, skateboard and big pack of pens.

Zaniya tells Santa she wants a pair of Uggs, and airpods. She doesn't forget about her mom, and her brother, who "wants a telescope, because he's always asking me questions about the stars and planets."

She says "I know there are many children in need, but if you could bless us with these gifts we would be really grateful."

And -- Alexander, who's 8, asks Santa for things like a Nintendo Switch and a game.

He writes, "my mom and dad work really hard but sometimes their check comes out small so it's hard for them to buy me some of the things I like."

Dulan says letters like these put Christmas into perspective for others.

"A lot of parents would use that as a teaching tool for their children, to give back," Dulan said. "You guys have all year long, you have everything you could possibly want, let me show you what Christmas is about through the eyes of a person that is not as privileged as you are."

You have until the 21st if you'd like to adopt a letter. Find out more at Operation Santa.

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