Man Accused Of Stealing Liquor In Sand Springs Gets Hit By Truck While Running Away

Friday, September 20th 2019, 10:20 pm
By: News On 6

Security cameras catch the moment a man steals from a Sand Springs business and then gets hit by a truck while running away.

The suspect is out of the hospital tonight. The employee who chased him out of the store says the whole thing could’ve also put her life in danger. The business owner said she has dealt with this same man before. She says as long as property crimes under one thousand dollars are misdemeanors - businesses will stay vulnerable.

You are watching Terri Brummett restocking shelves at 2nd Street Package in Sand Springs. She has worked in retail for decades. She knows how to do her job and watches her store religiously. That is what she says she was doing when a man walked in behind her back.

"As soon as I looked up and realized who it was, he grabbed the bottle and I told him to stop, and he just kept right on going out the door. I chased after him," said Brummett.

The man takes off and as soon as he steps into the parking lot, he gets hit by a truck but gets up and runs again.

"Well the gentleman who was driving the truck - it scared him but he also thought that the guy had attacked me or assaulted me and so he went after him," said Brummett.

The man caught the suspect who police say is Jeffery Henson. Officers took him to the hospital to be treated. Terri is back at work today.

"I'll be 60 in November and this is the perfect old lady job," said Brummett. "You get a rapport with the regulars and you get attached to them."

As she goes through her shifts, she says she can't help but think of the many ways the situation could've ended.

"That could've been me. If that guy had just been a second later, it would've been me behind that kid running out," said Brummett.

Terri says as long as property crimes under one thousand dollars are misdemeanors, the situation could happen again.

"He took something that he didn't pay for. I have to work for it. He should have a job and he should be paying for his own booze instead of running in here and grabbing and going," said Brummett.

Sand Springs Police tell me they are planning on arresting Henson for larceny.