Father & Son Travel 4 States By Horseback To Reach Oklahoma

Monday, August 19th 2019, 10:16 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

While many Oklahoma kids are heading back to school, one father and son are using these last weeks of summer to go on a unique cross county trip, entirely on horseback. C.J. Garton and his son, Clinton, made a stop in Broken Arrow Monday morning. 

They're calling their journey "Riding For Real Country," a 646 mile trek on their trusty steeds, Poncho and Lefty. Garton says he wants to show his son the America he fell in love with, without electronics.

"I want to have quality time with him, memories that can last forever," Garton said. 

Garton and Clinton started in Nashville and are making their way to Depew, over in Creek County where Garton grew up. 

"He grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and I was born an 'Okie' in the Bristow, Depew area," says Garton. "I've watched him develop and become this cattle hand, someone on both sides of culture."

Garton says the month long ride has given him and his son quality bonding time.

"It's a culmination of ideas, it's something that we are putting our tail to the line and bringing awareness and first and foremost having father and son time like no other and getting him out from behind a computer," says Garton. 

Garton is also using the trip as an opportunity to support awareness of what he calls "real" country music. Garton told News on 6 he's written more than 20 "real country" songs on the way.

"Music has always been an understanding of life. I say its the cheapest form of therapy," says Garton. 

The Gartons plan on arriving in Depew on Wednesday. Garton says he'll be performing in Bristow at a welcome party on Wednesday evening.