Webbers Falls Schools Almost Back On It's Feet

Friday, August 9th 2019, 11:07 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

Webbers Falls volunteers and crews have been working tirelessly on their schools to get back on track after most of the town was destroyed by Oklahoma's 2019 flooding.  

Nearly two feet of water destroyed most of Webbers Falls schools.

After just a few short weeks, they're now ready for faculty and staff to return after help from volunteers and donors.

Judy Treadwell describes the wreckage left behind by flooding as traumatic. Treadwell said there was muck and mold growing in a lot of places.

Rain swallowed up the town in late May and everything inside Webbers Falls schools was ruined.

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Treadwell, the school nurse for 12 years, didn't let it get her down. She and others got to work to fix the school.

"It's like, man, can we make it happen? We were able to get crews together, a lot of people volunteered their time. It's been such a blessing," 

Treadwell has volunteered nearly every day this summer by helping construction crews.

"There's progress now. We've got walls up, sheet-rock is done, we're waiting on crews to come paint, and we have flooring going in," Treadwell said. 

People from all over also stepped in. Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker showed up Friday with a truckload of supplies for teachers.

"We want the teachers to have the supplies they need to kick start and get started right back," Bill John Baker said. 

Treadwell said they have so many donations that kids don't have to buy their own supplies this year.

Teachers and staff are going back to work Monday to start sorting through the supplies and finish cleaning up.

Treadwell is counting down the days until she gets to see all 300 students return.

"They make my heart swell, I just love them so much," she said about the students. 

Webbers Falls students come back on September 3. Everything should be complete by then.