Tulsa Police: 2 Dead After Shooting Near Popular Gym

Wednesday, July 17th 2019, 8:34 pm
By: Robert McCarty

Tulsa Police said they responded to a shooting that resulted in two people dead and one injured.

This happened near 51st Street and Memorial. 

Investigators say the situation started as a shootout between two cars and they believe the victims knew each other. 

Wyatt Pennington pulled into the gym for his workout when he witnessed the shooting.

“It was a brief burst of three or four shots and then there was probably two seconds of nothing and then there were a lot more shots. Definitely more than 10,” Pennington said.

Pennington said he ran across the parking lot and found three people who had been shot. One of them, struggling to remain conscious. 

“I was talking to him and trying to say, ‘Man if you can hear me, please keep fighting. Please keep fighting if you can hear me,” said Pennington. 

He said he immediately pulled out his phone, called 911 and started praying over the victims until first responders could get to the scene and help. 

“I have never been around something like that, so it was definitely a scary experience,” said Pennington. 

Tulsa Police say they are still working to figure out exactly what happened. 

“It was kind of a chaotic scene at first but right now we got the scene roped off and we’re well into the process now,” said Tulsa Police Captian Dave Roberts. 

We will update this story as it develops...

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