4th of July Results In Many Pets Running Away

Friday, July 5th 2019, 8:00 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Many dogs in Tulsa ran away due to fireworks on July 4th. 

"It has been a busy week,” said Jean Letcher, manager at Tulsa Animal Welfare. "We will handle this influx the best we can."

Letcher said they see more lost dogs after the 4th of July and are preparing for a busy weekend. They've also already seen firework related injuries with some dogs.

"We've had dogs go through plate glass windows, go through screen doors, climb fences, and get caught,” she said.

Letcher said that's why it's so important to watch your dog closely on this holiday.

Letcher encourages anyone with a lost animal to come to the shelter to in efforts of finding them.

She said this week is also a good reminder to get a microchip for pets.

It's something local organizations like the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals teach leading up to the holiday.

"A tag is a great first step, but a microchip is an essential backup step,” said Shaunda Cottingim, a volunteer with the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals.

Cottingim says they held a microchip event just last week, in preparation for the holiday.

"This year we microchipped over 400 pets, cats, dogs and even a pig,” she said. “We also handed out over three hundred pet ID tags."

Both Cottingim and Letcher agree taking that extra step will help pets return home in case a pet were to get lost. 

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