Tulsa Man's Wedding Packages Stolen From Front Porch

Thursday, July 4th 2019, 4:55 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

A Tulsa man's final wedding preparations have hit a little speed bump, because of two suspected thieves.

"Before a wedding is stressful as it is and now we have this on top of it,” said Bob Aran. 

The people seen in Aran's surveillance footage, stole packages from his front porch at his house near 15th and Harvard. Inside there were personalized wedding gifts and match boxes with Aran and his fiance's name on them.

"We have a lot of custom items and things for the wedding, specifically that we had to custom order,” he said. 

Aran said they noticed the packages weren't there on Wednesday and after looking at the cameras on their house, they found a crime taking place.

Video shows two people, who at first slowly walk up to the porch, then quickly rush off after grabbing all of the packages.

“I really like all of our neighbors. We all get along really well,” he said. “So I like to think it's not a neighbor."

The couple has filed a police report and is handing the video over to officers. But in the meantime, they hope someone recognizes the two and finds the packages they so desperately need.

"Maybe someone around here knows something,” said Aran.