Neighbors Helping Neighbors In Broken Arrow Flooding Recovery

Thursday, May 30th 2019, 10:09 pm
By: News On 6

About 100 homes are without power, gas, trash or mail service tonight in the Indian Springs neighborhood in Broken Arrow. Several streets are flooded and sand bags, stacked in front of porches and garages.

Neighbors are helping neighbors there. News On 6 spoke to one veteran who has been filling sand bags for neighbors, who’ve already left because of the flooding.

Other than the sound of rushing water when a rare person drives through and an occasional generator, this neighborhood is eerily quiet.

They have no electricity or gas, mail or trash service for the time being.

Officers are checking IDs of all who enter, to make sure no one gets in to cause trouble.

Angie Zimmer says people may not be able to do something to help with the whole situation, but everybody can do something to help one small part.

Angie's brother is a cop, so she knows it's tough to sit for hours without food, drink or a bathroom break, so she's been taking food and water to the officers.

"I like to do things for people that if I was I was in that same situation, I would like done for me. It goes back to empathy," said Angie Zimmer.

And, she's not the only one.

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BAPD Officer Brett Burton, says, “Just today, I've had coffee and a muffin from one of the neighbors and 20 minutes ago, another brought me a banana, apple and crackers and yesterday, the guy behind me brought me some muffins."

While many folks have left, others, like Joel Halley decided to stay. He says this time, the water was about 2 feet lower than the flood of '86.

Joel Halley, says "Since I live right on that creek right here, we get it worse than everyone else, but, our house is higher."

He's grateful they have water to shower and as far as gas and electric, he figures it'll be on soon enough.

"We'll be okay. We'll survive. This is Oklahoma," he said.

At this point, it really is a waiting game. Nobody really knows how long it's going to take for this water to go down. The good news is, it's already gone down quite a bit.


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