Corps Of Engineers Hydrologist Explains Keystone Water Release System

Wednesday, May 29th 2019, 4:53 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

The Army Corps of Engineers continues to closely monitor inflow and outflow levels at Keystone Lake, and there has been some confusion about fluctuations in the data.

Corps Of Engineers Hopes To Reduce Keystone Outflow Levels 

Engineers say it’s nothing to worry about though, as statistical data sometimes fluctuates online. While the corps of Engineers says they're releasing about 275,000 cubic feet of water per second, numbers on the site change slightly each hour.

Making some wonder whether more water is getting through.

"The outflow through the gates is actually derived from what is called a gate rating curve,” said David Williams, a hydrologist with the Corps.

Williams says it's pretty complex, but formulas help measure the release levels. For example, on Wednesday morning the website showed about 280,000 CFS being released, which Williams says could be because the gate rating curve was slightly off because of how big this event is.

"That didn't actually reflect what the discharge was from the dam,” he said.

Williams says a better indicator is downstream at the Tulsa gauge on the Arkansas river, which can also show how much water is being released, and has been monitored closely by the geological survey.

And crews have been closely watching the data at all times throughout this historic flooding.

To view the data yourself, click HERE