Tornadoes Leave Trail Of Damage In Miami Area

Wednesday, May 1st 2019, 10:55 am
By: News On 6

Two tornadoes were reported in Miami as storms swept through Ottawa County Tuesday night. Homes and commercial properties were damaged, and heavy rainfall stranded several drivers.

There is a lot of damage along a small stretch of Main Street. Winds completely spun a traffic light, damaged a McDonald's sign and took the roof off PowerUp Rentals.

Owner Chad Hopping said the tornado came down on top of his business, taking the roof off. 

He said he hid inside his officer underneath a desk and watched around him as debris flew by.

"I'm not a frightened guy, but I really was; you have no control," he said.

"So you're just looking out the window and thinking, like I said, when the roof came off - that's when I knew we were probably in trouble."

Hopping said he thinks his business suffered the worst damage in town.

Sheriff Jeremy Floyd said they found two adults and two children under age 10 on the roof of a vehicle stranded at 590 Road and 90 Road, about two miles east of Miami.

It was the third water rescue they'd been involved in that night. 

Miami Police posted a message on Facebook asking people to stay home because cars were getting in the way of rescue attempts.

Crews put up barriers to vehicles in several locations as roads closed due to the flooding.

The tornadoes left a trail of damage that included business and homes. Storm Tracker J.D. McManus shot video of metal awnings that were blown from business, damaged signs, roofs, broken tree limbs and a crumpled trampoline.

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