New Crocs Have Fanny Pack Attached

Wednesday, May 1st 2019, 2:53 am
By: News On 6

Crocs is teaming up with Japanese clothing brand Beams to create several new styles. One of their bizarre (and practical) additions includes slip-on shoes that have a miniature fanny pack attached to the ankle strap.  Additional Crocs designs include sun visors, forefoot laces and beaded fringes added to the clogs.


The "reborn" models of Crocs debuted earlier this month on Beams' website. The popular U.S. shoe brand is worn all over the world with many users citing its comfortability, while others stay away because of its unappetizing appearance.


The Crocs with fanny packs, which are being sold for $53, combines two trends mocked for their appearance. But, if you want to walk comfortably and don't like putting things in your pocket, the zippered pouches — which appear big enough to store keys, credit cards and change — could be the solution for you. The pocket clogs are available in either "tropical teal" or "ultraviolet."

Some Twitter users were quick to dismiss the sandals with backpacks. One person used the hashtag #JustSayNo and vomit emoji to express her displeasure

Another Twitter user said, "Just when you think Crocs couldn't get any more ridiculous, now you can get 'em with fanny packs LOL!"

The attention hasn't been all negative, however. Others are quite smitten by Crocs' latest style.

"Am I the only one who finds these new #crocs with fanny packs cute?" wrote one user.