TU Working To Stay Focused After Big Win On Saturday

Tuesday, November 6th 2018, 8:21 pm
By: Jonathan Huskey

A lot of frustration was washed away in the rain last Saturday night at TU.

So how do you celebrate your first win in two months?

“You know, I ordered a pizza and sat down and just enjoyed the night,” said head coach Philip Montgomery.

After seven games of “we’re close” and “we’re growing,” TU finally put it all together in a dominant 30-point win over UConn.  The Golden Hurricane scored 35 unanswered points and hit five plays of 30 or more yards.

“We needed that more than anything else – just as a shot in the arm and just the encouragement of that,” said Montgomery.  “The work that we’re putting in is really making a significant difference.”

In a season like this, it may be easy to let yourself enjoy the win a little bit longer than normal, but both coaches and players say that isn’t the case at TU.

With three games left, the Golden Hurricane are still working.

“Just right back to work,” said running back Corey Taylor.  “Wasn’t too hard to get over.  Not get over, but to move on.  You know, right back to work.  That’s the mentality we have every week.”

“One win is great, but it doesn’t fix everything,” Montgomery said.

They’ve still got to work, so they can keep dancing.

“Coach Monty has some moves.  I don’t know if he ever shows them on the sideline, but he definitely has some moves,” said Taylor.  “I think I’ve even adopted a couple of them.”