New Shops Sign Of Growth For Downtown Sand Springs

Friday, November 2nd 2018, 9:49 pm
By: Ashley Izbicki

Business is booming in downtown Sand Springs. Three new shops have opened up on Main Street this year alone.

Business owners said they're teaming up to drive up interest in downtown. Already, they're noticing more people on Main Street, but the mission isn't complete just yet.

Boulder Coffee just opened two weeks ago, serving fall favorites. Myers Marketing bought the building with offices in the back.

"We had all this space. We're sitting here taking up a storefront in downtown Sand Springs and it almost was a little bit of a guilt thing," said Danielle Myers. 

Myers, the owner of Boulder Coffee, said her husband's barista experience inspired them to "Think bold. Be boulder." 

"Way busier than expected. I started this with an intention of oh my gosh if we could just make one person's day a week, I would be so happy," said Myers.

The coffee shop isn't the only business brewing on Main Street. Yellow House Market and Boutique moved in a few doors down.

"Downtown was kind of quiet when we first got here, but now people park their cars and they walk from store to store," said Lisa Miller.

The cook at Boomerang Diner next door has been flipping burgers for seven years.

"I would much rather eat at a place here or get a coffee over there. It may be a little bit more expensive than your chains but it's worth it," said Cole Ruark.

That's why Boulder hopes each cup of coffee brings the community together and inspires others to brew up business ideas for these empty storefronts.

"I know of two buildings that were just purchased in the last couple of months and there's some pretty big plans going into them. So, it's going to be a pretty exciting time for Sand Springs," said Myers.

Some employees said they are also hoping to see more energy at night and on the weekends, something a lot of downtowns struggle with.