Developer Working On Plans For Tulsa Neighborhood Unlike Any Other

Monday, October 29th 2018, 10:37 pm
By: Ashley Izbicki

We’re getting a closer look at plans for a unique neighborhood in northwest Tulsa that are in their final phase.

The idea is to create a neighborhood that’s a community – with a store, school, and mixed-housing and income levels, all with a city view.

There’s nothing else like it in Tulsa.

“You can be 2.9 miles from the BOK Center and, at the same time, still feel like … you’re out of town,” said developer Scott Pardee.  “The view that we have right now isn’t just for the four biggest houses, it’s actually for the whole community.”

Pardee says this land in the Osage Hills near Highway 412 is often overlooked.

“We think, although it’s maybe not as desirable, the most desirable place to start, we think it makes the best community,” he said.

He says he’s checked out more than 30 neighborhoods modeled after what’s called “new urbanism.”  This design includes townhouses, apartments, and small and large homes.

There’s hope for a charter school, an organic farm, a corner market, and plenty of green spaces for kids to play freely.

“It doesn’t have to be organized sports or other events,” Pardee said.  “And parents maybe can just work until 5:00 and the kids can just go and be kids.”

It’s all walkable, with the idea that cars will naturally slow down.

“Narrowing right of ways, making smaller streets, bringing sidewalks closer to homes, and then putting the living spaces where everyone hangs out towards the front of the house,” explained Pardee.  “And so, when everyone walks by, you see the lights on.”

A welcoming community for all ages and family dynamics.

“I’ll be one of the first people moving into the neighborhood,” declared Pardee.

They’re down to three name choices for the neighborhood and hope to make an announcement soon.

Construction on streets and infrastructure is expected to start next summer.

Images and design credit © 2018 Tom Low and Civic By Design.