Tulsa Police Chaplain Working To Heal Wounds After Family Members Killed

Monday, October 15th 2018, 11:51 pm
By: Justin Shrair

As Tulsa police continue to investigate last weekend’s triple murder, we are learning more about the victims.

Police say one of the dead is Hosea Fletcher and all three victims were related.

The victims’ family is mourning their loss, including one Tulsa Police Chaplain, who is trying to unite people through hope and prayer in order to heal the community and himself.

Chaplain Lemuel Taylor has made more than 1,000 death notices in his lifetime, praying for every single family member he’s encountered.  Now, he’s mourning the loss of people close to him – his grandson, Ramon Brown, a great granddaughter, and a cousin, Hosea Fletcher, who were killed over the weekend.

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“I’m grieving and, my spirit, man, I have to move in order to process,” said Taylor.  “I do it by hearing the word of God and, not just by hearing, but to be a doer.”

Chaplain Taylor says that continuing to help others through prayer, in turn, helps him.

“Everything happens for a reason, I guess,” said Taylor.  “I ask Him to use me in any way and I just hear the spirit and I just do it.”

Instead of staying put, he’s called in other religious leaders and community organizations to try and make a difference.  He believes by working together the community can turn a negative into a positive.

“I cry with people.  I sit there.  Am I emotional?  I am, but I put my trust in the Lord,” Taylor said.

He and other community members are holding a peace and prayer vigil on Tuesday night, with one main goal – to bring people together and unite one another.

“The ending goal that we all can work together for, the ending results that we work in unity, we have forgiveness and we are able to show Jesus Christ,” he said.