Tornado Knocks Fairfax Police Vehicles Out Of Service

Tuesday, October 9th 2018, 10:44 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Eight tornadoes touched down Tuesday in Central Oklahoma, and the rainy weather isn't helping with the clean up there or in Fairfax where a tornado hit Sunday.

The EF-0 twister was powerful enough to cause quite a bit of damage in downtown Fairfax - including damage to the city's police vehicles. It's a hard hit for a small police department.

As area residents and business owners continue to clean up after a tornado ripped through downtown, some of Fairfax's first responders are needing some help as well. 

"Almost heartbroken," said Officer Jeff Jones, Fairfax Police.

"We use them day in and day out, and seeing those cars in that shape it was heartbreaking to see them that way." 

Several of the Police Department's patrol vehicles were damaged Sunday, knocking them out of service. From broken emergency lights, to a blown out rear window, police say they believe there is thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

"It's very crucial to have those vehicles to provide police service for the community, and now that the vehicles are down it's a hindrance to us and a disservice to the community," Officer Jones said.

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And being a small police department means all of their cars are donated and already have thousands of miles on them. Even some of their equipment is second hand as well. 

A number of historical buildings were also hit hard including the Tall Chief Theater built in 1928. 

"Heartsick - I can't believe it's this bad," said Carol Conner, president of the Fairfax Community Foundation. 

"Our town has so many beautiful historic properties and here we are."

Storms derailed renovations in a matter of minutes - leaving many searching for answers as  the community continues to rebuild. 

If you're looking to help either the Fairfax Police Department or the Tall Chief Theater, you can contact police at 918-642-3611 or Carol Conner at 918-642-3814.