Tulsa Glass Blowing School Whips Up Seasonal Creations

Thursday, October 4th 2018, 6:09 pm
By: News On 6

Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes are all the rage this time of year. But some pumpkins can last forever.

Tulsa Glass Blowing School's program director Kenneth Gonzales is making a pumpkin.

"It's that time of year we make glass pumpkins," Gonzales said. 

Hundreds of them. He said over the past few months they've made more than 800 glass pumpkins.

Some are orange, and some are not.

"[They’re] different colors, different sizes, texture, no texture, shiny, not shiny, all manner of pumpkins," Gonzales said. 

He said everyone he knows in the business is doing the same thing right now.

"Glass pumpkins are kind of a phenomenon," he said. 

They never go bad. Jeff Darby of Sweet Tooth Candy and Gifts stopped by because his store and the school have a big event coming next week.

"We call it our pick a pumpkin event," Darby said. 

There will be hundreds of 'em like a big glass pumpkin patch. And they'll have glass pumpkins in the store through the season as they do now. A midtown outlet for a downtown product.

'Course you can't eat these pumpkins, but Sweet Tooth has some you can eat, and other stuff to feed your seasonal sweet tooth.

Normally they say if everyone at the school is focused on making pumpkins they can turn one out about every six minutes or so.

The big pumpkin event at Sweet Tooth is next Thursday evening. They'll have hundreds of glass pumpkins of all sizes and colors.

Sweet Tooth is on South Harvard near 36th street.