TV Show Helps Osage County Investigators Solve 2 Cold Cases

Friday, September 28th 2018, 7:06 pm
By: Amy Avery

A cable TV Show helped the Osage County Sheriff's Office revisit two cold cases. They uncovered new information, which allowed the district attorney to file arrest warrants.

"It’s the beginning of closure for me of not knowing after all these years is the man who did this going to pay," said Donna Wilson’s daughter, Moriah Bassett.

Joanne Goodwin’s son, Bobby Neighbors said, "Somebody is finally being put to justice."

Two Green Country families were able to get some questions answered about two very brutal cold case murders, and they are thankful the Oxygen show Cold Justice was able to provide the resources to make the arrests possible.

"With their help, we were able to track people down and go to them," said Investigator Kevin Burke with the Osage County Sheriff’s Office.

Cold Justice investigators worked to help Osage County solve two cases that went cold but never left people's hearts.

“Everybody's now grown up and has their own kids, and they were just so excited that no one forgot about Joanne's case,” said Kelly Siegler with Cold Justice.

Joanne Goodwin's body was found in 1996 along Bird Creek; 22-years later, a warrant was issued for Cherri Miller-Terry, the woman investigators believe left her body there.

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"I just kind of sighed a sigh of relief knowing that, even though the trial hasn’t happened yet, he's in jail," Bassett said.

Another case they spent time combing through was Donna Wilson's. Wilson went missing in February 2011. Her remains were found six months later inside a bus that had been set on fire. The suspect in the case, Dustin Koelliker, turned himself in to authorities.

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"That's why we do this because we’re hoping that at the end of our time in every town we go to, that it ends the way your cases did in Osage County," Siegler said.

The Cold Justice team has worked on more than 65 cases across the country, and they are thankful the Osage County Sheriff's Office was receptive to their help.

“I feel like if law enforcement everywhere was like that then a lot more cold cases would be solved,” Siegler said.

The episode will air Friday, September 28, 2018, at 11 p.m. and will re-air Saturday, September 29, 2018, at 5 p.m. and Sunday, September 30, 2018, at 2 a.m.