BA Eye Clinic Workers Seen In Video Trying To Stop Thief

Thursday, September 27th 2018, 5:39 am
By: Joseph Holloway

A Broken Arrow eye clinic gave News On 6 surveillance video showing employees trying to stop a man from stealing more than $900 worth of sunglasses Wednesday afternoon.

Both women said they were acting on pure adrenaline when they went after the suspect as he took those pairs of glasses from the clinic.

Employees at One Vision located in the 3500 block of West Kenosha, said the man was talking loudly on his cell phone when he walked in and went straight toward the Ray-Bans display. Video shows him starting to put Ray-Bans in the pocket of his hoodie.

Marina Yevazova walked over and told him to put the glasses back so he acted like he put them up so she'd go away, but she didn't fall for it. 

When he ran away, Yevazona tried to grab him by the back of his hoodie, and her co-worker Erika Palmer tried to block the door and keep him from leaving - but he made it past her.

Both women chased him out the door as he ran to a getaway car parked on the side of the building and drove off. 

Palmer, a certified paraoptometric, said she was watching him from the time he came in the store because she said something was off about the guy.

"Saying things like 'oh yeah, I'll get those glasses. I'm looking at them right now,' and it was just very odd and he just had his head down the whole time and went directly to them," she said.

The employees say the car was an old maroon Buick with a busted out passenger side window. 

They ask that you call Broken Arrow Police at 918-259-8400 if see that car or know who the man might be.