Man Accused Of Kidnapping Is Tulsa's Most Wanted

Wednesday, September 26th 2018, 1:40 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A man accused of hitting a woman and holding her captive is now TPD’s most wanted.

The victim required stitches in her face and has been waiting for justice for 18 months.

The man they're looking for knew the victim and police said she was staying with him because of problems in her own family.

Tulsa Police said they've got charges against Christopher Pearson, they just need to find him.

He's now Tulsa Most Wanted, accused of assaulting a woman staying with him.

"When she attempted to leave, he threw her on the ground. He punched her in the face several times. The victim said that over the next several hours, she tried multiple times to leave the residence and every time she tried he would hit her or punch her or kick her," said Tulsa Police. 

After the crime, police say Pearson disappeared and they believe he's now homeless.

When they find him, police say Pearson will face charges of kidnapping and assault.

"Every time she tries to leave, he punches her more. She's asking him 'I want to go, I want to leave, I want to get out of here' and he's not letting her," said Tulsa Police. 

Police said the victim finally made a run for help in the middle of the night and found it at a QuikTrip.

Now with Pearson on wanted posters police hope they'll find him.

"All the recent ones we've put out, the last couple years, they've been located," said Tulsa Police. 

There's a $1500 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Anyone who has that information can get the reward by calling CrimeStoppers