Heavy Rains Causing Trouble Around Oklahoma

Friday, September 21st 2018, 9:54 pm
By: Brian Dorman

Heavy rains have led to Flood Warnings that could last until Monday morning. Rainfall totals ranged from a couple of inches to nearly a foot in some areas.

"Here at 141st and Garnett, we have Lake Garnett. The water is covering 141st for about 50 yards as far as I can see," said Tracker Brandon Well.

The News On 6 trackers were all across Green Country on Friday giving real-time updates as the rain pounded the roads in some cases turning them into lakes.

There were more than a dozen car accidents reported in Tulsa alone. Including a two-car accident at 86th and Peoria, one person was sent to the hospital.

Another the driver of this white car lost control and ended up going off the side of the highway right before the Eufaula exit.

You can see in this video near 101st and Garnett people driving through high water.

"This ditch here is completely flooded all the way down to the turnpike. Officials tell us there's about a foot of water in this ditch right now," said News On 6’s Justin Shrair.

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Heavy rain even forced Tulsa police to close down a busy stretch of Yale between 51st and 61st.

And it's not just Green Country dealing with this weather event.  Residents south of Ada saw the most rain at nearly a foot. The flooding there even leading to water rescues.