OHP On The Lookout For Possible Police Impersonator

Friday, September 14th 2018, 6:13 pm
By: News On 6

The Oklahoma Highway patrol along with several other agencies are working to find a driver who they say might be impersonating a police officer.

OHP troopers said they have gotten several calls in the last month about someone impersonating police officers on Oklahoma highways. Troopers said they aren't sure it is the same person or if these are separate cases.

"About this area right here I noticed red and blue lights going on and going off behind me," said contractor Zach Rash. 

Rash said he was on his way to a job site near Chouteau when an unmarked, blue Ford Taurus grabbed his attention.

He said the driver sped through traffic, turning on his lights, then shutting them off as soon as a car would move out of the way.  

“I told my guy that was one of my employees that was with me, something doesn't seem right about that car," Rash said. 

Eventually, the blue car sped away but Rash said he spotted it again near Wagoner. 

“Something definitely isn't right with this because if he was running code he would've went on through the light," Rash said. 

That's when Rash said he called the OHP.

He gave troopers the cars tag number and description then cautiously trailed the driver while he stayed on the phone.

"I came up beside him, he hit his breaks I went on past him, he got in behind me, turned his bright lights on too but I could see in his rear window that he had his red and blue lights on," Rash said. 

He said the car sped off again, but he confronted him a few miles later at another stop light.

"I said excuse me. He said ‘do you need something’. I said, ‘I do. I want to know what agency you are with," Rash said. 

He said the man didn't have an answer for him, covered his face and sped off again. 

"If this gentleman is, in fact, a police impersonator I mean, that could be a catastrophe for anybody that is associated or pulled over by this person," said OHP Trooper Adam Wood. 

"The guy is shady and he needs to be caught before his actions go further and somebody ends up getting hurt," Rash said.

Troopers are asking anyone who experiences a similar situation to call Star 55.