Tulsa Police Investigating After A Father Shoots His Daughter's Boyfriend

Wednesday, September 12th 2018, 9:44 pm
By: Amy Avery

The investigation continues into a shooting in a midtown Tulsa neighborhood where police say a man shot his daughter’s boyfriend in the chest.

Police say the incident started as an argument between the daughter and her boyfriend before he tried to break into the home.

Neighbors say it’s a very quiet neighborhood and they were surprised to see police lights and crime scene tape when they got home.

“It was surprising to hear that something like that happened next door,” said neighbor Keli Miller.

Miller says she recently bought the house next door and was surprised to get a text from her friend asking if she was okay.

“She said there was a shooting at 24th and College and I was like, ‘Okay,’ and of course I look online and there’s a picture of my house and my neighbor’s house on the news,” she said.

Police say the woman was at her parent’s house when her boyfriend showed up.  They say there was some sort of argument before the boyfriend tried to get into the home.

“He came back to the house, originally, started beating on the front door, is what it looks like,” said Sergeant Kurt Dodd.  “Then went around back and beat on that door and then forced entry into the house.”

That’s when police say the girl’s father shot him twice in the chest.  Now, police are investigating whether the shooting was justified.

“Obviously, the law is probably more on your side if you are threatened and you’re in your own home, however, with the circumstances of this, I don’t know if that law is going to apply,” said Dodd.  “Until we have all the information, we can’t make that determination.”

Neighbors like Miller say the neighborhood is usually very quiet and they were surprised to see so much police activity when they pulled into their driveways.

“If I hadn’t gotten a text, it would have been shocking to pull up to something like that,” stated Miller.  “Especially seeing as I have met them and it’s not something you would expect.”

Police took the father in for questioning and several witnesses who they say were visiting the family from North Carolina trying to escape the hurricane.

Police say the District Attorney will determine whether the shooting was justified.