Sapulpa Police Surprise Young Boy With Dream Birthday Present

Friday, August 31st 2018, 10:12 pm
By: Amy Avery

Some Creek County Law Enforcement Agencies teamed up today to make one Green Country boy's birthday special.

11-Year-Old Kaedyn Jones is autistic and has a skin disorder so sometimes he has trouble with bullies at school but on Friday his whole class got to see some local officers make his birthday wish come true.

“It’s just very emotional seeing him so happy,” said Kaedyn ’s mother, Kayleanne Jones.

Kayleanne Jones reached out to the Sapulpa Police Department through Facebook earlier this week.

“She told us that she wasn't able to afford to get him anything for his birthday and she had been stressing over it for a while,” said Major Mike Reed.

So, she asked the department if they would go to Kaedyn's school to sing happy birthday to him.

“Major Mike Reed said sure we can, and I thought it was just going to be him, but it was him and all his cop buddies,” said Kayleanne.

Several officers from the Sapulpa Police Department and Creek County Sheriff's Office showed up to Allen Bowden School to surprise Kayden but they did more than just sing Happy Birthday.

“I asked what they were doing after school she said, ‘nothing we’re not able to do anything’ and I said well we are going to throw him a party,” said Major Reed.

The department got Kayden a cake and the fraternal order of police took his mom to buy some police themed gifts like his own set of lights. Jones says Kayden has always wanted to be a police officer so his wish finally came true as Chief Mike Hefner dedicated Kaedyn an Honorary Police Officer.

“Seeing him get that award when we first walked in, his face, his reaction was just priceless,” said Kaedyn’s father Colin Law.

"So why do you want to be a policeman?

“Because they have lights on their car," said Kaedyn.

Kayden is autistic and has a disorder which causes skin discoloring so his parents say sometimes he gets bullied at school. 

“I asked him how kids were today at school and he said everyone is really nice to me now that I have cop buddies,” said Kayleanne.