Sand Springs Man Arrested After Motorized Pedal Bike Chase

Friday, August 31st 2018, 6:45 pm
By: News On 6

Police arrested Bret Delozier after a dangerous police chase as Delozier tried to get away from officers on his motorized pedal bike.

An officer tried to stop Delozier after he blew through a stop sign but instead, Delozier sped away. After running more stop signs the chase was on and more officers joined in.

"He jumped up on the sidewalk, went around cars and as he came out into the intersection there was a car coming across the intersection and he just missed that," said SSPD Capt. Todd Enzbrenner.

 After barely missing the car he headed for an alleyway in an attempt to lose the police.

"Normally when you are going through an alley you stop when you get to the road because there could be a car coming but he never even intended to stop," said Capt. Enzbrenner.

He then wiped out on his bike and took off on foot.

"The officer that initially chased him saw him throw a black object, it turned out to be a .22 revolver, a loaded .22 revolver," said Capt. Enzbrenner.

Police eventually caught up with Delozier and took him into custody. 

"No one's dead. No one is dead, no one is out of work and a bad guy is in jail. That's what we want,"  said Capt. Enzbrenner.

Officers found knives and drugs in his pockets. Delozier was arrested on several complaints including possession of a firearm, drug possession, eluding police, and public intoxication.