Family And Friends Of Missing Muskogee Woman Looking For Answers

Thursday, August 23rd 2018, 5:53 pm
By: News On 6

Family and friends are desperately looking for answers about a missing Muskogee woman named Kristyn Richerson.

Richerson's friends say she's not the type of person to disappear without telling anyone. They say they don't believe she's still alive but all they want is to bring her home.

Her friends and family call themselves Krash's Army. Krash was Richerson's nickname, her friend Lynn Martinez says she was a talented drummer.

"I miss my friend. I miss her," said Martinez.

Richerson has been missing since May 25th coincidentally the same day she was supposed to go to Rocklahoma. This is a piece of her truck bed she'd decorated for the event. Martinez says someone has to have answers.

"I believe that somebody knows what happened and I believe there are people that know where she is," said Martinez.

Martinez didn't want to name names but says many of Richerson's friends and family believe someone she knows has something to do with her disappearance. 

"To be honest, I believe her kindness killed her. She gave somebody a place to live till he got back up on his feet. I believe that's what did her in," said Martinez.

Muskogee Police say at this point, they're at a standstill.

"Right now, investigators have exhausted every lead we've been given," said Officer Anderson. "We're at a point we have to get somebody who's going to give us some credible information we can pursue."

Officer Lincoln Anderson says they have persons of interest, but no one strong enough to call a "suspect." Martinez says all she wants is to find her friend, so she can fulfill a promise she made to her a long time ago.

"If she died first, she wanted her ashes to be put in there in the same urn as her mother's. And I made her that promise that I would do that," said Martinez.          

Martinez says they're working to collect reward money that will hopefully help bring Richerson home.