Sand Springs Official Retiring After Nearly 40 Years Of Service

Tuesday, August 14th 2018, 5:37 pm
By: News On 6

After nearly 40 years of serving others, Sand Springs’ Assistant City Manager is retiring.

Daniel Bradley’s desk doesn’t look like that of a guy ready to retire.  It’s still full.

“Yeah, I’ve still got projects I’m trying to get done,” said Bradley.

For 38 years, Bradley has been getting things done for the City of Sand Springs – 35 years at the police department and three more as the Assistant City Manager.

“When I started in 1980, if you were out there on the street and got out of your car, you had to have your hat on or you got a day’s suspension,” reminisces Bradley.

Night shift wore the helmet, day shift wore the hat.  He says the department’s culture at the time was nothing to be proud of.

“Physically abusing or fighting people was the character,” he said.

He spent 35 years with the police department, eventually becoming the chief, he helped create a police department he hopes people can be proud of.

But he says he never wanted to be a police officer.  He was a farmer with a drought problem.

“I applied here just to work a couple of years to get back on my feet,” said Bradley.

He fell in love with the work.  Over the years, he’s raised a beautiful family, four of his seven kids are still at home.  He’s got 160 acres and 150 head of cattle, bales his own hay, and every single day of his life he’s let his faith guide his every step.

After 38 years serving Sand Springs, there’s still lots left to do.

“Chasing cows and kids,” Bradley says.