Hard Rock Casino Ready For Ball And Dice Games, Awaiting Federal Approval

Tuesday, August 7th 2018, 7:21 pm

Tulsa’s Hard Rock Casino and Resort is all in when it comes to ball and dice.

Hard Rock intends to be the first place in Oklahoma where you can play traditional craps and roulette.  They’re just waiting for the green light from the federal government.  They say they’re ready to go as soon as that happens.

“We’re very excited,” said Mickey Ward from Cherokee Nation Entertainment.  “Some of the players have been asking about it for a long time.  We think the actual dice and ball on the wheel will appeal to a larger player base.”

Hard Rock Casino and Resort started training its workers on craps and roulette after Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill into law allowing ball and dice in casinos across the state.

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“We trained our dealers about 200 to 250 hours to get them up to speed on the games,” said Ward.  “As soon as we get the go ahead from the Department of Interior, we’re good to go.”

At Hard Rock, there will be three craps tables and four roulette tables, as well as 50 dealers who are trained and ready to go.

Ward says allowing ball and dice is good for the gaming industry, but also for the state.

“We think we will see a positive impact to the gaming industry, which in turn benefits the State of Oklahoma through our compact fees that we pay the state,” he said.

Hard Rock is also hoping that adding traditional craps and roulette will be a better experience for players.

“It will appeal to those players that would traditionally transition out and go to a commercial market to play ball and dice,” said Ward.  “Now, they will be able to stay and play these games right in their own back yard.”

For now, it’s a waiting game as excitement builds and the word spreads across Green Country.

“We started some ad campaigns letting the public know it’s coming,” stated Ward.  “We’re getting lots of questions every day from guests wanting to know when.”

Before the games can begin, the federal government has to complete a review and then approve and publish the resolution into the Tribal Gaming Act.