Backlogs Frustrating People Trying To Obtain, Renew Licenses Across The State

Monday, August 6th 2018, 10:04 pm
By: Brian Dorman

People are losing patience at Department of Public Safety offices across the state after what officials call a “perfect storm” of computer glitches and weather-related outages caused a backlog.

While officials are promising they’re working through the red tape for a solution, many people waiting in long lines for a license or renewal are getting turned away without one.

“It’s not like she is failing the test.  She can’t even get in to get the test,” said frustrated parent Angie Platner.

Platner’s daughter Emma has tried to get her driver’s license six times already.

People were lining up at the DPS office on Main Street in Broken Arrow as early as 4:00 a.m.

“We were here at 5:45 in the morning and still didn’t get in to get the test,” said Platner.

Platner and her daughter say they are going for a seventh time this Friday, but this time they’ve got a plan in place to ensure they don’t leave empty handed.

“We’re going to drive up here at 3 a.m., put a chair up there and sleep in the car, and when people start showing up, we will start rotating sitting in the chair to make sure are first in line,” she said.

Similar occurrences are playing out at DPS locations across the state.

Officials said at a Monday news conference that they’re working hard and learning tough lessons.

“Our shortcomings last week, in the fact that computer shutdown wasn’t DPS’ fault, our fault was not getting the word out soon enough and that’s a lesson learned on my part,” said DPS Commissioner Rusty Rhoades.

Rhoades says he’s encouraging agents to get things done with whatever means necessary while they work to fix the systemic problems, including computer issues and bureaucracy.

“There are so many hands involved in this and, quite honestly, they are not talking to each other,” said Rhoades.

DPS says that more resources will be put in place at locations around the state.  Officials also say troopers will give a reasonable grace period for those with an expired license that haven’t been able to get it renewed.